What is Facebook doing to stop the Coronavirus?

What is Facebook doing to stop the Coronavirus?
What is Facebook doing to stop the Coronavirus?

In today's tough times, millions of people around the world depend on Facebook for information.

Currently, 76 countries of the world, including India, are battling the corona virus. So far, 93,090 cases of Coronavirus Kovid 19 have been confirmed worldwide, whereas 2,984 people have died due to this.

In such a situation, what is Facebook doing to make it accessible to the public and to prevent misleading information?

According to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, his company is working with health officials for this. He says, "We are trying to ensure that everyone can get the right information about it."

He says that whenever a Facebook user searches the word Corona virus on Facebook, he sees a message and takes it to the page of the World Health Organization or local health department for more information.

With this, Facebook is giving free space to the World Health Organization for advertising on its page. According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook will also advertise millions of rupees to other organizations trying to combat the Coronavirus Kovid 19.

He says that SOSH is also working on the media to prevent misconceptions and misinformation.

Zuckerberg says that everyone has the right to share their experiences, but incorrect information and various types of speculation are being removed. In addition, the company is also blocking advertisements that try to take advantage of the situation. They give examples that advertisements "selling goods claiming its full cure" are being blocked.

He says that if we see the expansion of the things happening on Facebook groups, then it is a big task for the company.

He says that people in the Stop 5G UK group are posting various types of speculation related to the corona virus. He says, "According to a post someone wrote that some people are spreading rumors about the Corona virus to divert attention from the issue of Brexit."

He says that a person had also posted a link to a YouTube video named 'Corona Virus - A Globalist Tool'. And in such a case, Facebook has to depend on another platform to carry on its fight.

He says that YouTube is making all efforts to stop it, but despite this it is difficult for him to stop the rumors. His app contains many videos around the world that contain claims about "knowledgeable" corona virus, 5G and conspiracies in the world. Let's talk about vaccination.

Many of the videos making false claims clearly violate the rules of Facebook and YouTube.

Zuckerberg says that he himself informed YouTube a few days ago about a video in which a man who calls himself an anti-British 5G campaigner was making false claims about the Coronavirus.

In that video, individuals are trying to sell a Russian pen drive which prevents the spread of 5G and Coronavirus. YouTube admitted that the video violated YouTube's rules and blocked it.


He says that he has also seen many such advertisements on social media, which are trying to take advantage of the current situation and are trying to sell goods at high prices.

According to him, an advertisement even claimed that "for $ 29.95 you can buy a pace mask that will effectively protect you from the flu because it has a modern carbon filter."

Many advertisements claim to sell Kovid 19 masks imported directly from China at a price of 65 to 100 dollars.

Zuckerberg says that the group moderators in some Facebook groups are writing against misleading news related to the Corona virus.

A member of the Stop 5G UK group posted in Leeds a group associated with their local community that "apart from news reports about 5G or anyone, if any misleading information is posted it will be immediately removed. "

A message to those wishing to be a part of the Leedsplace Facebook group appears on the front page, saying, "Paranoid Conspiracy Theorist, we have the dreaded speculation, we respect your rights but we will not allow your misleading information to spread in Leedsplace." If you believe such things, vaccination cures autism or we are about to die from chemicals and To spread false information session or you will be banned without warning if you want to use this platform. "

They believe that there are many such groups on social media which have been created to discuss only the wrong information and they only work to advance misleading information.

They believe that with time, it is becoming more and more difficult to stop misinformation on social media because Facebook gives its users the freedom to post privately.

They say that who knows what kind of discussions are taking place in the WhatsApp group about the corona virus?

A year ago, Mark Zuckerberg said that he is considering bringing end-to-end encryption on Facebook, like WhatsApp.

They believe that in future people will want to share information on social media with the belief that no third is reading and listening to them, but misleading this can prove to be the biggest hurdle in preventing information from fanning.

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